The best advice for targeted parents who are in

family court for custody is....



Protection Not custody

Family court dockets are bulging with "high conflict" custody disputes.  High conflict custody disputes are NOT about custody at all but serious family abuse cases driven and escalated by one parent with a dangerous Cluster B personality disorder.  A parent with a narcissistic (borderline) personality disorder is the most dangerous parent and partner there is, yet authorities who have the responsibility to protect targeted parents and their children are either blatantly incompetent, arrogantly corrupt or both.  The stakes are too high for any loving parent to risk placing the decisions about parenting in the hands of incompetent and/or corruptFamily Court Judges, Commissioners, lawyers (especially Guardian ad litems), mediators, custody evaluators and others working with "high conflict" custody cases.


Cash vs conscience

Members of the American Bar Association are both self-regulating and self-serving.  In other words, "success" in family law is measured by how much money a single lawyer or GAL makes in a given year, not whether the children are placed with the abusive or safe parent.   In fact, there is absolutely NO "real" incentive to protect children or innocent parents at all.

If success in family law were as dedicated to humanity and truth as they are to their own greed and deception they would welcome oversight and evaluation for continuations improvement.  However, they are so busy with the narcissistic (borderline) parent escalating conflict and chaos that they are resigned to never considering the fact that they are as guilty as the abusive parent when it comes to harming children.

Authorities who have failed our families

  It is well known that "authorities" who work with custody disputes directly contribute to child abuse and neglect by awarding custody and placement of healthy, innocent children to the abusive narcissistic (borderline) parent.  In addition to causing negative physical and mental health outcomes that these our children will struggle with throughout their lives, these "professionals" also collude with the abuser to drive us (the healthy parent) out of the children's lives.

Since traumatized targeted parents cannot fight organized, sanctioned incompetent, arrogant and/or corrupt authorities, we need to avoid them.