Strategic Plan: 2019

The National Alliance For Targeted Parents (NATP) is a grassroots organization representing approximately 22 million parents trying to protect their children from the other parent who displays abusive patterns of a high-conflict personality, such as narcissistic personality disorder (NPD).

For decades, healthy, nurturing parents have lost their children to the other, abusive parent in family court.  This happens because the abuser appears calm while the “targeted” parent and children are relentlessly traumatized.  Targeted parents are further re-victimized and marginalized by the staggering lack of support from law enforcement, mental health, Child Protective Services and Family law professionals. 

The National Alliance For Targeted Parents is made up of  parents with lived experience in severely dysfunctional families where they have been manipulated and controlled by the other abusive/impaired parent and couldn’t find any help in stopping the ongoing family psychological maltreatment (emotional abuse and neglect).  We promote the use of a trauma informed and evidenced based resolutions to high-conflict family court disputes, so that every child can have a safe relationship with both parents.

NATP's vision is to end family court trauma. Our mission is to educate and empower child/family advocates to resolve high-conflict family court cases using trauma informed knowledge and evidence-based practices.

Other Goals

Goal 1. Unify parents and supporters under The National Alliance For    

             Targeted Parents.

Goal 2. Launch the End Family Court Trauma Educational initiative.

Goal 3.  Promote a professional working relationship between targeted

              parents and the schools that their children attend.

Goal 4. Challenge lawyers and mental health providers to

             identify and report child psychological abuse and neglect and

             severe interpersonal trauma by narcissistic/borderline parents. 

Goal 5. Pressure child protective services to adopt a Trauma-informed protocol to stop child psychological abuse by relationally harmful parents.