Board Complaint Update

A few people have asked about my board complaint, so I thought I'd give you an update.

But, first let me say that I can’t encourage you enough to file a complaint against your therapist’s licensing board.  I’ll never be optimistic, but I do think that the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services is really in the business to protect the public, which includes us.  This department has made filing a complaint easy.  And even though they process 2500 complaints a year, they have been prompt, and polite.  I will follow up this blog with another with more specific instructions, but let me tell you what is happening with my complaint.

Our family’s therapist had 2 professional licenses; one in social work and one in Marriage and Family Therapy.  The Marriage and Family Therapy Intake Panel reviewed my complaint last Monday, November 30th, and started an investigation.  On Tuesday, December 1, I received an email from the lead investigator asking for more specific information about the type of therapy we received and who was present.    I replied immediately.  

On December 15, the Social Work Intake panel will review the same complaint and I’m quite sure they will also follow suit.

And since I’m on a roll, I think that I’ll pass this complaint, in somewhat of a different style along to the National Psychological Associations related to these two licenses, just to keep all the cards on the table. 

The following is information from the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services: Division of Legal Services and Compliance

The Division of Legal Services and Compliance (DLSC) provides compliance services for the agency’s boards and direct-licensed professions.  DLSC is staffed with attorneys, investigators and other legal staff to address complaints promptly and appropriately.  If a complaint is made with sufficient evidentiary support to suggest that a credential holder is in violation of a relevant condition or rule related to their profession the Division may investigate and, if necessary, file a disciplinary action against the credential holder.  The purposes of discipline are to protect the public, rehabilitate the credential holder and to deter other credential holders.  

The Intake Stage is the first stage in the case handling process.  Complaints are received in the Division of Legal Services and Compliance (DLSC) and processed. 


The assigned DLSC investigator and attorney develop an investigative plan. Investigative staff gather necessary evidence and make contacts with witnesses as needed.  The case advisor is consulted on issues requiring professional expertise.  The results of the investigation are provided to and discussed with the case advisor.  Cases with violations proceed to the next stage for legal action.