While going through a new level of trauma this summer, I reached a new level of recovery and insight!  I saw a light at the end of a tunnel and I can’t stop moving towards it. 

The National Alliance For Targeted Parents launched one year ago. In that year we have made significant gains and gotten closer to freeing all of our children from being abandoned to live with the narcissistic/borderline parent.   There has been a rise of consciousness about psychological or narcissistic (borderline) abuse like never before.

Everyday,  I find another door opening to help us establish a path to free every child and targeted parent from the control of the narcissistic (borderline) abuser.  We are light years away from that dark place we were at when we had no hope that people or systems would ever understand or would care enough to help. 

The old, obsolete and broken mental health care and legal systems cannot reform fast enough to stop this growing problem.   Health non-abuse targeted parents need a new, effective, evidence-based and trauma informed program that they can implement anywhere in the United States. 

With the path of least resistance in mind, we are writing a public health program that leverages the Adverse Childhood Experience Framework (ACE’s) and the passion of targeted parents.

It is called the FIT Program (Families Interrupting Trauma).  It proposes a protocol for social workers at local CPS agencies and targeted parents to stop cases of child psychological abuse by narcissistic/borderline parents and break the intergenerational transmission of the pathology.  The core component of the program is a sophisticated, detailed child psychological abuse report including our children’s ACE Score (8+), interpretation and prognosis.  It also will include the clinical diagnostic and associated indicators, state statutes, and national and international child rights agendas to eliminate child abuse.  Everything will be connect with valid scientific information. 

The first step is to establish cooperation, trust and respect between CPS and targeted parents.

This program for every family consists of 4 phases that can be completed in less than 1 year.

Phase 1 - Establish temporary protective separation between the child and the abuser. 

This phase assures the safety of the children and the targeted parent by putting an immediate stop to the direct and indirect domestic violence from narcissistic/borderline partners and parents.

Phase 2 - Provide an empirically based psycho-educational workshop that helps targeted parents and their children re-attach and learn how to protect themselves from further psychological abuse.

This scientifically validated workshop is 100% effective in reducing the ACE load on children from 8+ to 2 within two weeks of implementation.  It also reestablishes resiliency by reconnecting the child with the non-abusive parent.

Phase 3 - Require the narcissistic/borderline abuser to learn how to control the behaviors that are hurting the children.

The intent of this phase is to treat the entire family and thus protect the rights of the child to have a safe relationship with both parents.

Phase 4 - Involve the family in monitoring, adjusting and documenting progress and achievement of outcomes.

The Alliance has always been driven by targeted parents and others who are tired of talking and want change, NOW.   The FIT Program has that potential.  It won’t be perfect, but it will finally be-----