Mission Possible.

NATP Agent,

You are one of the founding members of the National Alliance For Targeted Parents.  That in itself, tells the great story of your heroic efforts to save your children despite the widespread lack of knowledge or support from the mental health profession.  You’ve done everything to prevent and stop the trauma from psychological abuse that has hurt your children and you.  Nothing worked because no one knew what you knew about how your (ex) partner was/is treating your family.  And when you did tell the authorities, they thought that you were the problem.  The social workers in Child Protective Service didn’t understand psychological abuse or the opportunity they had to break the cycle of abuse just by placing your children with you long enough for the two of you to heal from the toxic influence of the personality disordered parent.  Every school or private counselor misdiagnosed your children with depression, anxiety, ADHD and other things when there was no evidence.  Your ex-partner manipulated the mental health professionals because they couldn’t recognized the serious mental illness that drove him or her to destroy your relationship(s) with your children and cause prolonged interpersonal trauma.   

You went to family court because you were desperate to help your children and had no other place to go.  Family court put the nail in the coffin by misreading every sign of psychological family abuse.  They thought your trauma was instability and your children’s insecure bond with the abusive parent was healthy.  

America’s Mental Health System must stop this epidemic of inter-generationally transmitted abuse and trauma and we have their attention.  Now it’s time to bring our children home.  The APA has the power and resources to mobilize quickly and save our children.  But the APA Board of Directors will only take this action if they are convinced of the critical nature of our problem.  Then they can take swift and decisive action to save your children and mine.  You don’t have to teach them about the pathology.  They know the caustic influence of a narcissistic and/or borderline parent.  They know our children are being sacrificed and have been derailed developmentally.  They know how to heal our unseen wounds.  We just need to tell them that we need them, now.

You have one more duty to perform in this war against the family.  One more mission before the APA will take the lead.  You need to accept the assignment to write the APA a letter.  Your letter doesn’t have to be long and arduous.  You don’t have to go into a lot of detail.  But you are the expert in the trauma and the pain.  The APA needs to know that this is a crisis with unparalleled destructive force.  Your children were FORCED to choose between the parents they loved.  They were FORCED to cope by suppressing their attachment from you because they couldn’t choose.  It has arrested healthy development and caused you unbearable complex grief.  It is above all, this country’s greatest travesty of unnecessary cruel and inhumane torture.  Tell the APA to make this their number 1 priority!

Grandparents TOO!

Grandparents TOO!

What To Do

1.  Write your letter.  Plagiarize anything from this website, or just scribble HELP! on a piece of paper.  I’m going to include a couple of pictures of my children and me to make it more personal.  Give them your contact information and offer to provide any level of detail they might want.  Refer them to your Facebook if you have one, or other resources that you particularly like.

2. Contact Howie Dennison or Phil Taylor for names and addresses of individual APA members.   Print a copy for each APA member you are given. 

3. Put your letter in the mailbox before you go to bed tonight.  Then sleep well knowing that you have been a good and faithful parent and a hero to this country.