The Stalking Never Stops

To those who got this list before it was suppose to be posted.....I'm so embarrassed!  If we get a grant writer, we could afford to pay the rest of us.  But for now, this is the

Volunteer Job Board


1. Leadership and Technical Administration-

1.1 Planning and Development Team

1.2 Technical administration with squarespace & mailchimp

            1.21. Keep website working, clean, and up-to date

            1.22 Advance mail campaigns, surveys and new pages, RSS

            1.23. Security

2. Marketing and Promotion

2.1. Encourage new subscribers with short videos, animation, memes, OVOs     

     2.2. Press Release (Bob and Mark have contact lists)

2.3 Work with facebook leaders to encourage subscription

2.4 Promote strategic plan and campaigns

2.5 Design Brochure for NATP

2.6 Brainstorm Contact Campaign for Clergy (?) and other Mandatory Reporters

2.7. Facebook and Linked in Administration

3. Research/Writing-

3.1 Articles:  EX) Why psychologically abused children should NOT testify in court.

     3.2. Toolkit: How to file in child abuse reports.

4. Design-

4.1 Assessment/Screening Instruments for child psychological abuse

      4.11. Signs and Symptoms of the child

      4.12. Patterns of behavior for narcissistic/borderline

             4.13. Trauma and the Targeted Parent

4.2 Evaluation instruments and protocol for collecting information about the quality and effectiveness of services provided by law enforcement, CPS workers, Family Court lawyers, GALs, Judges and Psychological Evaluators and disseminating the results

5. Environmental Scanning

            5.1 Mental Health

5.11 Assemble introductory package for mental health and include progress and product evaluation instrument (3.2)

5.12 Follow, report and recommend action: ACEs and Trauma Informed Movement

5.13 Follow, report, and recommend best practices for trauma (C-PTSD) recovery therapy, self -help guides, videos etc.

5.14 Review and recommend cost effective recovery plan after separation.

            5.2 Family Court

5.21 Assemble introductory package for family law providers; include progress and product evaluation instrument. 

5.21 Follow, report and recommend action based on the National Council Juvenile and Family Court Judges (Trauma Consultation)

                 5.22 High Conflict Institute

                 5.23 AALS

                 5.24 AFCC