Riding the Wave of ACEs

Coming Soon!  A Special Report From The

National Alliance For Targeted Parents


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America is in serious distress.  Child psychological maltreatment (emotional abuse and neglect) is the most prevalent and damaging type of child abuse, yet it is the least likely to be reported, investigated, or stopped (Spinazzolla, 2014), by family law or Child Protective Services. The evidence of this crisis is seen not only in the abundant scientific literature, but also in the explosion of resources to help the growing number of adult children of narcissistic (NPD) and/or borderline (BPD) parents process the trauma of child psychological maltreatment.

Psychological maltreatment constitutes a disruption in the parent-child attachment relationship.  A narcissistic (borderline) parent lacks emotional nurturing, attunement, and responsiveness to their children and also verbally and emotionally abuse them. This abuse derails the child’s psychological safety and interferes with the development of critical attributes for a healthy life such as emotion regulation, self-acceptance and -esteem, autonomy, and self-sufficiency.  

Science, health, and child protection professionals have known for decades that parents with narcissistic and/or borderline personality disorders severely maltreat their children, but they appear baffled about how to recognize these parents and what to do about child psychological maltreatment.  “Child abuse and neglect have been understood for decades as major etiological sources of aberrant behavior.  It is perplexing that these well-described phenomena are buried in the in the back of DSM- IV and DSM-5” (Kaplan, S., 2014).  

One problem is that a NPD and BPD parent is almost indistinguishable from the other healthy parent in public.  NPD and/or BPD parents have been able to thrive in plain sight of authorities and laypeople because they can mimic socially and emotionally appropriate responses and the wounds they inflict are not visible.

For over 30 years, the healthy (ex) partners of narcissistic (borderline) parents have been fighting to rescue their children from the psychologically abusive parent despite being “targeted” by the abuser to be erased from the family. In addition, “targeted” parents have been re-victimized by the staggering lack of support from law enforcement, mental health, child protective services, and family court. Targeted parents suffer pure trauma from years of savage abuse by their ex-partners and the legal system. These loving parents usually lose their children to the abuser, along with their economic stability, their integrity, and their mental and physical health (Harman, J., Biringen, Z., chapter 7).

This special report from the National Alliance for Targeted Parents describes an efficient and effective intervention program for severe child psychological maltreatment by narcissistic (borderline) parents in what has become a large, dangerous, but accessible and stoppable population of child abusers in America.  An evidence-based, cost effective protocol for child rescue and recovery from severe child psychological maltreatment has been accessible for years and needs to be implemented NOW.