The Plan

Our Progress

Our Progress

EVERY day I read about more organizations moving towards stopping narcissistic(borderline) parents from psychologically abusing their children.  These organizations include; adult children of a narcissistic (borderline) parent, child abuse and neglect organizations, the ACE and trauma informed movement leaders such as; the American Academy of Pediatricians and the National Education Association.  Also, the APA's task force on high conflict family court cases, the Child's Bureau, SAMSHA, every major University, and hundreds more.  We all seem to be on a converging path to end child abuse and neglect.   The Alliance is the expert on child psychological abuse and neglect and is looking forward to offering an efficient and effective trauma informed program, once we work the bugs out of it. 

Currently, we are field testing our FIT (Families Interrupting Trauma) program with 2 cases. 
We are trying to by-pass family court, but that doesn't mean that we get to by-pass ignorance or obstacles.   Our targeted test pilots aren't fishing for problems but they sure are finding them. 

Both targeted parents have agreed to share the crazy, weird, stupid, frustrating and traumatizing experiences they encounter with you via this blog.   However, in all due respect to me (I’m suppose to be on a sabbatical to finish writing my book), and our 2 test pilots, we don't want to spend a lot of time blogging the blow by blow, unless we know that there are enough people who are interested.


So here’s the deal, if you want to follow the drama of two targeted parents who are forging a path for others to follow,  make a comment below this blog.   If you are reading this from any place other than the official website blog of the National Alliance for Targeted Parents, please go to our site ( and join us.   Then, you will get every blog in your inbox.  If we get enough encouragement in the comments below (not on social media), we willkeep the reports coming. 

I’ll be in touch, one way or the other.