The Brink of Enlightenment

I only knew one thing when I started the National Alliance For Targeted Parents, and that was that we needed to stop talking about our problems and start doing something about them.  The trauma informed movement that began making headlines in 2016, set the stage for a radical consciousness raising and now we are beginning the process of saving every child in every family within our borders and beyond.   

Mary and Eve are our marines.  They were willing to step out and take the bullets, but they found that the only one who was shooting at them was their mentally ill ex-partners who no longer had a “target” to aim at.

Targeted parents have been the warriors against the ignorance and injustice of those who steal the hearts and souls of innocent, vulnerable children.  We’ve been tattered, tired, fragmented and ill-equipped.  Our trauma debilitating us even further in the court system.  Still, our persistence and determination has landed us on the beachfront and we are taking back our invaded homeland.

Interestingly, it wasn’t the broken system, corrupt lawyers and Judges, incompetent social workers, lack of legislation or money that stopped us before.  It was our trauma; planted and cultivated in our minds by our mentally ill ex-partners.

Mary and Eve are leading us.  Two mavericks who are breaking every barrier that separates them from their rightful healthy and loving relationships with their children.   Their confident and bold ACTIONS are exceeding all expectations.  These targeted parents are empowered with truth, knowledge and the unstoppable love of protective parents.  

Two years ago these parents were being beaten up and re-traumatized by their ex-partners who seemed to be fully supported by the court systems, law enforcement, mental health, money, and child protective services.   Neither of them knew anything about narcissistic (borderline) pathology, child psychological abuse, trauma, attachment, or family law.

Today, they are Teslas, according to a well-educated and powerful law firm in a major metropolitan area.  What he meant was that they are disrupting the status quo by fitting together innovative pieces to bring about tremendous advantages.

The unquestionable sciences and the passion of parenthood are being validated and admired, not ignored.  Mary and Eve have overcome the trauma of paper tigers and learned helplessness and are forces to be reckoned with!  I can hardly keep up!

My job is to document the processes they are using to bring their children home as they wage war in the face of the narcissistic borderline personality disorder  and make these available to EVERY targeted parent.

You can rest assure, that we will never return to the horrific medieval ages in which many of us were unjustly tortured and sentenced to life without our children.  This is because there is no longer an enemy to fight against.

I am in tears; tears of promise and gratitude.  Our losses are becoming our legacies.

“They tried to bury us; they didn’t know that we were seeds.”  Greek saying.