Mary's Case

10. I went to where Mary lives to make some connections and learned that I can’t do that.  Ever since I got back (and most of the time I was there) I was a wreck.  I COULDN'T stop thinking about my kids or feeling sorry for myself.    I can read and write about this stuff from my computer,  but face to face with the reality is too intense for me.  Anyway….

9. Mary’s lawyer was all gun ho about the intervention with CPS. She talked to the GAL.

8. The GAL was really interested in talking about it too.

7. I prepared a lengthy document for the court and CPS.  The names were changed but no one is protecting the innocent.  I'll post it under family court here on the website.

6. Mary’s ex-husband decompensated again and now he and their son are on a new delusional bent about Mary infecting her ex-husband through their son with MRSA. –go figure.   Before this it was hepatitis.  But because of this Mary isn't even getting to see her son for dinner once a week.

5. Mary demanded her lawyer file contempt, which her lawyer resisted.

4. Mary’s lawyer met with Child Protective Services.  (I knew that was a mistake).

3.  Mary's contested hearing is May 4.  Yesterday Mary's lawyer sent her a letter withdrawing as her counsel.  

2. BUT, sheprovided a great deal of information in her withdrawal letter,  including the most comprehensive contempt motion I've ever heard, a copy of the psych eval that came back in Mary's favor (which we have been trying to get for over 5 weeks now), and a couple of comments suggesting that the GAL doesn't like being questioned and because we have questioned him,  it may not go favorably for Mary.

1. We filed a 50 page child abuse referral to CPS!!!

This was the right thing to do.  A protective parent cannot just sit back and put his/her children’s life in the hands of someone who does NOT know that this isn’t even a custody case.  Besides family court is so all –or – nothing.  At least if CPS is willing to do the intervention, then everyone wins. 

Somedays I think that we are just about 3 years ahead of our time.