When Things Go Sideways.

I was really optimistic about Mary's case in court last Thursday.  What could go wrong?  A new date for the contested hearing and the contempt issue against her (not soon enough to be ex) husband.

I must have had the wrong case, because this is the

 email I got from Mary.


Hi Kay,

Today in court the 3 lawyers met for about 45 minutes. My (not soon enough to be ex) husband stood the entire time while my friend and I sat in the back and talked. When my lawyer came out he told me that I have to get tested for MRSA.  FYI- MRSA is s a staph type bacterium that causes infections in different parts of the body.  It is difficult to treat because it has become resistant to many of the antibiotics used to treat ordinary staph infections. - But that's not important.

What is important is that this is just another paranoid delusion.  The “MRSA” threat has been going on for weeks now.  My (not soon enough to be ex) husband has been escalating the idea that my son is going to contract MRSA from me if he comes to my house once a week to have dinner.  It’s a long, stupid story, but in a nutshell I have refused.  I am a nurse and I understand all about MRSA and its transmission.  I won’t reinforce my son’s “by in” to my (not soon enough to be ex) husband’s latest psychotic episode to keep my son and I apart.  I am certainly not a threat to my son anymore than anyone he has contact with.  BUT it is the only thing that my  (not soon enough to be ex) husband has to try to blame me for.  

My new lawyer told me that if my (not soon enough to be ex) husband insists that I am a MRSA threat to my son and that I have to get tested, then we are going to demand that my (not soon enough to be ex) husband get tested because he might be a threat for AIDs.  Ha Ha. 

He gets it!


Still, the judge talked about MRSA and I have to get tested.  GRRRRRR.   This is so stupid it just burns me that I’ve got to jump through another of my (not soon enough to be ex) husband’s hoops.  But you can’t fight family court, so, I went to get tested for MRSA.  Not surprisingly,  the clinic coordinator said she couldn’t authorize the test because there was no reason.

WOW, the medical profession doesn’t just do tests because someone’s (not soon enough to be ex) husband demands it.  Another famous example of how family court is practicing medicine without a license.

The Judge apologized that this case has been dragged on.  I wonder at what point “dragged on” is determined?    I also wonder why the Court Commissioner who has presided over this case now for 2 years, never thought that it was “dragging on?”

The new court date is 9/26/17 –here is one reason this case gets dragged on!.  I was shocked how long out it is.  We need to have our expert witness secured by 6/9/17.

The judge also said that a 16 year old will not call the shots.  Which is so great! This takes my son out of the middle!  My (not soon enough to be ex) husband can’t use "our son's wishes"  to keep him away from me.  But this is still family court.  The wind direction can change at any moment.

Then the judge did a little lecture about getting along as parents--all this told me is that the judge doesn't understand narcissism.

Oh, and remember my old lawyer?  She never served the contempt order to my (not soon enough to be ex) husband. That was her grand finale of complete and utter incompetence and lack of ethics.

There was a stenographer recording the court conversation.

The financial thing got put on hold.

Where do I go from here???

I wish i could have a trauma informed judge hear the case.