Another Mother's Day

This will be the 8th mother's day that I don't get to have any time with my son. For the past three years, it has been his choice, not his fathers.  If you’re like me, Mother’s Day is the hardest day of the year.   Even after all this time, I keep thinking that there is something that I can say or something that I can do that will touch his heart again and release his enduring attachment. But his recovery must come from the inside just like mine. 

I can’t change what has happened,

I can’t change him or this day.

 I can only change how I respond to the day. 


Today I stand up and take responsibility to enjoy this day, like every other.

 It’s up to me.

I have gone through enough pain, I don’t have to add this day to my trauma.


I sent my son a text message and a card with the following sentiments: 

“No matter what, no matter why;

I will always love you as much as I did the first moment that I felt your life in me—

it is beyond words.”


Happy Mother's Day To Me and To You!